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A Canadian-American occupied with the trade of writing for over 40 years, I started out as an advertising copywriter. I left that to study theater, then abandoned theatre for the introspective vocation of a life in words. I’ve performed in numerous solo and group readings, been published in half a dozen print and online journals, and self-published three books. All that by way of brief introduction. The blog’s the thing, and it’s a place to share some of my work.

(Please note: the three books listed below have the authorʻs name as “Max Randolph.” Future books will be listed as authored by Randolph Maxted.)

Max Randolph Writes

Max Randolph

Books by Randolph Maxted

Max Randolph writes

A Horse on the Moon
is no longer available. It has been greatly revised and will be reissued shortly under the title “Lyricism of Desire.” It is a book of prose poems, fantasy flash fiction and mini-essays. Blending poetic narrative with a prose style I call dreamprose, many of these pieces are by turns hallucinatory, subversive, whimsical. I try to let words fly free to dance, using images to enlighten and entertain, and a fresh boldness of utterance to liberate the imagination.


ax Randolph Writes

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Autopsy on a Ghost combines speculative metafiction with neosurrealist dreamprose . . . weaving memoir, madness, fantasy, absurd realities in a haunting interplay of subversion and shadowed love.


Max Randolph Writes

Max Randolph Writes

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The Armor is the Garden takes me back to my poetic roots. Written over a period of 30 years, the poems here come from my earliest writings in British Columbia, my years in southern California, a six-month stint on a secluded beach in Hawaii in the late eighties, and from Tucson, Arizona, where I live.

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